Ring of Honor: Showdown in the Sun Night One

As part of their Wrestlemania Weekend, Ring of Honor put on a two-day pay-per-view event the Showdown in the Sun. While the event sounds good on paper, in practice it shows ROH’s biggest weakness and it has nothing to do with the matches in the ring.

Night One: A Showdown of Failure

So right from the beginning it’s obvious that the stream is f*cked up. At time I counted that the stream was 20 seconds behind the audio, making the live event unwatchable. Despite the issue I tried to watch it. The matches weren’t bad, its just heart breaking to see a major event mess up like this.

Opener: The Briscoes vs. TMDK (Mikey Nicholls and Shane Haste) Proving ground match

ROH has been trying to bring in new talent to make their roster more diverse and TMDK is an example of that. The two teams put on a pretty good opener, with the match looking like almost every Proving Ground match.

The challenging team gets the momentum near the end but lose with a few minutes left. Aside from maybe one or two of these types of matches this is how the all end and it’s kind of annoying. So the Briscoes have a victory going into the next night.

Impromptu Match: Adam Peirce vs. Adam Cole Non Title:

After the tag match Jim Cornette come out to interview NWA champion Adam Peirce. They spend the whole interview talking about a match that very few people saw between Peirce and Cole. Apparently Peirce won with a low blow and a piledriver (which the point out 10 times is illegal in ROH). Cole then comes out and they have a match.

I have not idea why they’re pushing Cole. He’s an ok wrestler but there are so many others that could use the push.

The Finish comes when the ref blocks Peirce’s piledriver and Cole rolls him up for a win. Who care, I guess you have to watch the NWA TV to see this feud continue.

Match 1 0f 2 Young Bucks vs. All Night Express- Tornado Tag

Following the long NWA promo we get the first of two matches featuring the Bucks and All Nights. It was determined through coin toss that the first match would be a tornado tag and the match on the next night would be a street fight,

I don’t really know why these two teams are feuding, I guess the injured Titus but so did the Briscoes…this whole tag team division is kind of messed up at the moment.

The match is great with high action throughout the whole match. The All Nights end up winning but after the match The Bucks attack Tutus with a chair, causing another injury? Moving on.

An NWA-less promo

The Embassy come down, without the belt and talk about stuff. They say that they will give back the belt but tomorrow cause they don’t have it with them.

TV Title: Kyle O’Reilly vs. Jay Lethal

After the promo the match begins between O’Reilly (the guy who should get the push) and Lethal. As you might imagine this match is great. Lethal takes a hard bump onto the wood stage, there was a loud splat like sound. It could have gone on for longer but the finish came with Lethal hitting the Lethal Injection. Lethal and Ciampa stare each other down and Ciampa leaves.

Coleman and Alexander vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team:

This match was good but mostly due to the work of Coleman and Alexander. These two haven’t been in ROH for long and they’re a solid tag team. But seeing how they face WGTT they lost. Benjamin hits a belly to belly off the top rope and they continue to be boring.

Lance Storm vs. Mike Bennett

The following match was the match that I bought the PPV for, Lance Storm vs. Mike Bennett (without Brutal Bob, that made me sad). These two get a good twenty minutes to put on a clinic. This was a great match, Storm was in great form and Bennett brought his A-Game. As you can guess Bennett won the match, the finish came when Bennett hit the TKO after Storm kicked out of a super box office smash. Match of the night.

Last Man Standing: Kevin Steen vs. El Generico

After the Storm/Bennett match I stopped watching it live and started playing Mass Effect 3, I thought that it would be up on the website in the morning like they said it would be. However the first night was no fully uploaded. So I didn’t see the finish of the match.

These two can work well with each other, despite the fact that this feud is pretty old know. Steen punched out a Cornette face sign, which was awesome. From what I read the finish came when Jimmy Jacobs come out and hit Generico with a Spike. So there’s a new feud, I guess, would have been nice to see.

ROH Title: Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Roderick Strong

I can’t comment on this match because I didn’t see it but we all knew that Richards was going to win. I’m sick of this Richards/Edwards thing please make it stop. I’m also anger because I didn’t get to see what amazing thing Truth Martini was wearing.

So that was night one, it probably wasn’t the way that ROH wanted it to happen but that doesn’t matter. Could night two be any better? Could it be worse?



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