A Trip to a Record Store

Here’s a new segment I’ll try to keep up with. The “What I found at the Record Store” will feature just that, stuff I found and bought at a record store.

This time I was at the Vinyl Alibi in Bowmanville. I got my hands on the self titled album from the Toronto based “Battered Wives.”

Now with a name like that, it’s easy to understand why this band had issues with female rights groups. But the band was a punk-rock band that used the controversy to help their album sales. The album went gold in Canada by the band never had much success after.

The album, in special red vinyl, demonstrates the bands sound. While it isn’t like the punk rock that we hear today, it’s still has the attitude to back it up.

If you’re interested in listening to some of their songs check out their main single Uganda Stomp.


The other thing I picked up was the Jack White 7-inch for the songs Love Interruption/Machine Gun Silhouette. I dig what little I’ve heard of the upcoming album so this 7-inch is a real treat.

Check back latter for another one of my trips to the records store. For more info on the Vinyl Alibi check out their website.

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