WWE Update: 8 Days till Wrestlemania

I love this picture...

So with only 8 days until Wrestlemania, I though I’d do a small update about the events going into the last week. So here we go:

Is the card finished?

While the major matches are set-up there are still something they still haven’t announced. Namely the finished teams for Johnny vs. Teddy match and if there is going to be a Tag Team Tile match. I know there isn’t a tag team division in WWE now but it would still be nice if the slapped together a match to just to lie to themselves and everyone else about the importance of these belts. Maybe put Primo and Epico against…shit this is hard. Are the Osu’s still on the roster?

A boys club…

So I understand that this Trips/Taker match is suppose to be big, but I hate the way they’re going about it. They continue to make these two sound like the Jesus Christ’s of the WWE, when Taker is probably the only one who deserves anything close to that title. Plus with Michael in the match, it just seems like Trips just wanted to work with his friends. This match will go on for too long and won’t amount to anything.

The American Dragon is awesome…

I love what they’ve been doing with Daniel Bryan. Just the image of Bryan walking down to the ring with the belt shouting, “Yes” makes me smile. He’s a vegan and he thinks he’s awesome, that makes a great heel. Shamus on the other hand…I don’t know what the WWE is doing here. I think over the past six or seven weeks, these two have spoke to each other maybe four times. It’s hard to build up a story when you just don’t care. So Bryan will lose the belt and Shamus will continue to not draw money.

Booker has a dream?

While I was half watching Smackdown (that’s as much effort the writers put into the show so why should I watch?) I kept hearing Booker talk about having a dream. Did anything come out of that? It’s not on there website. Was Booker just flubbing lines? Are they trying to build a match between Cole and Booker at Mania? What was the point of that?

Writers still have no idea what to do with Ryder…

So after a year of begging and pleading to get a storyline on RAW, Ryder is left with this I love EVE, but she’s a bitch storyline. I like Ryder, yes a decent worker (better than Santino) and he can draw money but the writers, have no idea what to do with him. He’s now in the Johnny/Teddy match but he just filling a spot on the lack luster team. It’s his first year on the main card and he gets this crap? I feel sorry for him.

I need a drink…

Speaking of not knowing what to do with people, what the f*ck are they doing with Punk and Jericho? This whole alcoholism thing is weird to me. It makes me fell uncomfortable. Why couldn’t the stick with the normal heel interferes with the faces matches thing? This one just seems dumb to me.

Who’s Flo Rider?

The Cena/Rock match doesn’t need much to build up too the match. We know it’s two of the biggest wrestlers in WWE history wrestling each other and they don’t like each other cause the writers told them so. But this week there really a promo with both of them, instead we get the Rock talking about Rocky (and other Rock s*it like Fruity Pebbles) and then Rock beats up Henry after Cena beats him for no good reason. I guess the writers told them they have to respect each other now. Also who is Flo Rider? Is he a rapper? Is he big now with the kids?

In the end…

So with one full week left till Wrestlemania the writers have done little to change things up. Aside from the Punk/Jericho match and the fact that Christian will be wrestling, there isn’t a whole lot that I’m looking forward to, but that match will be awesome.


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