Nerd News Update for the Week of March 24

Here’s some nerd news items that come up this week…

John Carter the flop…

Disney is estimating that John Carter will lose an estimated 200 million. That’s huge, and sad. I still haven’t seen the movie but a friend tells me that it’s decent. Here’s a link the the story

Not so Green…

An image of Green Arrow from the upcoming pilot called Arrow was released onto the internet. It’s kind of dark but the costume look cool.

Dennis Leary hates spiders…

During this week we also saw a video from the viral marketing campaign for the Amazing Spider-man movie. The video is from the Daily Bugle news (I’m guessing it’s somewhere between Fox News and Sun News) and features a news broadcaster that makes strange faces…and Dennis Leary (Officer Stacey) in a boring monotone voice that would make Harrison Ford laugh (well maybe it isn’t Blade Runner voice over bad, but it’s still bad)

The only good bug is an animated bug…

One of the many trailers that came out this week was the new animated movie based upon Starship Troopers. I love the movies and the book (despite the amazing amount of differences between the two) so I can’t wait for another one. Also the animation kind of reminds me of the Rough Necks show…just throwing that out there.

The network with the Cylon Tattoo…

Another trailer that came out of no-where this week was the for the upcoming webseries Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome. The trailer features the Trent Reznor version of Immigrant Song from the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and some fast editing. While people all over the internet loved it, it just seems lazy to me. The clips don’t really match up with the song (aside from the quick cuts) it look more like a fan trailer that something for a major television station. But it is SyFy so maybe my standers are a bit too high.

Alien’s with a Euro accent…

The internet also say the release of the European trailer for Promethus. The trailer is better than the North American one in my opinion due to it’s lack of Inception-esc soundtrack. I’m looking forward to this one.

I can’t wait for the searching for a girl four four episodes mini-game…

In the world of games, the trailer for the upcoming Walking Dead video game was released. I like the look of the game but I’m thrown off by the fact it isn’t going to be an action game but more adventure based like many other Telltale Games. Still whats the worst that could happen, I mean there wasn’t an farms in the video so it can’t be as boring as the last season of the show.

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