Luke Leighfield- New Season Review

With thousands of pop artists on the Internet it’s hard for one to stand out. You have to find ways to stick your neck out, English artist Luke Leighfield is doing just that.

Leighfield might not be well known in North America but he has a following in Europe and in parts of Asia and with just one listen to his newest album “New Seasons” it’s easy to understand why. The piano-pop songs might create some comparison to American piano-rocker Ben Folds, and while this comparison isn’t a bad thing; it’s not entirely true. While tracks like “Whispering” might sound like some of Folds’ earlier solo work, other tracks such “New Season” let Leighfield show off his own voice and creativity.

Like many artists in this modern age Leighfield’s album wasn’t funded by a large cooperation, but by himself and his fans. Leighfield uses their contributions quite well in the album with songs like “Patience” showing some polish.

Despite the difficult undertaking of making an album, Leighfield wanted more. He enlisted two filmmakers to shoot the recording of the album and turn it into a movie. The film, called “Season” is free to watch on his website. The movie really shows the modern process of making an album, and the amount of work that goes into finishing the artist’s vision quite well.

For people looking through the sea of music on the Internet, Leighfield and his polished album “New Season” easily stand out from the rest.

Check out his website and the movie.

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