Nerd News for March 11-17

Here’s just some nerd related stories that I found this week:

Marvel re-invents the wheel with new “Space: Punisher” miniseries

Do guns even work in space?

No that isn’t a typo, it’s Punisher…in space. That makes about as much sense as putting Jason Voorhees in space. The series will be four issues and will be written by Frank Tieri and Drawn by Mark Texeir. This isn’t the craziest idea Marvel’s had for Frank Castle, any one remember the Archie crossover?


The Batman Arena show plans a not so North American tour

The live show that isn’t a musical but a more or less live version of a Batman television show is coming to arenas in North America. I would love to see this show; it looks like it’s an interesting idea, but this North American tour doesn’t come to Canada; in fact it only features arenas in America. So this isn’t a North American tour but a American tour. So f*ck you guys. For info check out there website.

Prometheus looks awesome!

Yes the film that I look forward too the most in 2012 has a new trailer and it looks amazing. Director Ridley Scott says he’s interested in doing a sequel to continue building this universe, I’m just hoping that we see a xenomorph somewhere in the film.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetle…Dark Shadows?

When I had heard that Tim Burton’s next film was going to be based upon a English soap opera revolving around the life of a vampire in the 70s I thought: “Ok that sounds interesting, It’ll be dark and that might be cool.” Well the trailer looks…different. What the f*ck is happening in this? I don’t know what to think about this one just yet. There trying to make us laugh pretty hard here: Isn’t it funny, theirs 70s disco in the background. And he destroys a t.v. cause he thinks a person is inside it. And Eve Green has an amazing pair of breasts (but that’s beside the point)

I can only remember 30 seconds

The first footage of the Total Recall remake hit the internet this week, and it look pretty cool. It’s short and features little of the story but gives an idea of what the film will look like. I hope this film does well, seeing how it basically saved the film industry in Toronto during its production.

Diablo news?

We also got a new video from Blizzard saying that their sequel to the beloved Diablo will come out in May. Blizzard fans rejoice. For pre-order check out Battle-net.

And finally a Planeswalker duels a table.

Another video that hit the web was the video of a fat nerd flipping not only his shit but a table. While this video is very fake it’s still entertaining and you can watch it in slow-mo.

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