RAW House Show March 9th

While the WWE can’t give away tickets to a house show, their Road to Wrestlemania tour came to the Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto and I was there. While this isn’t going to be a long review I still wanted to do a write up about it, cause it was a pretty good show.

Hanging from the ceiling…

The first thing that hit me was just how packed the Ricoh Coliseum was. While it didn’t sell out, it was damn close. Also the new house show set looks quite nice. It gives the shows a sense of importance despite the fact that they aren’t.

I guess I don’t need to watch Smackdown…

Our opening match of the night was a US title match between Champion and Mississauga native Santino Marella defending against Jack Swagger. The fact that Marella was still champion proved that the title didn’t change on the taped episode of Smackdown that would of aired at the same time. The match was ok, I’m not a fan of either of the two, but Marella got the biggest pop of the night when he hit the Cobra. It got people into the event.

Who the F*ck are these two?

The following match is between to nobodies. Namely JTG and Ryback. I had no idea who Ryback was but my brother informed me that he was Skip Shefield in the original Nexus so…yeah. JTG earns his paycheck and jobs to Ryback.

One’s a hoski the other can’t run the ropes…

Following the squash we get a Diva’s match (yeah). The match is between the very flexible EVE and the very stiff Kelly Kelly. What stuck me about this match was just who attractive EVE is in person…the match sucked but man is she hot. EVE won with the feet on the ropes spot.

A promo spoken slowly…

Filling in the next match is the match that no one wanted: R-Truth vs. The Miz. Miz comes out and says that he should have a match at Mania and blah blah Awesome, it’s all been said before. Truth pretty much caries Miz throughout this match, and thankfully for Truth there was no diving spot. Truth won.

Jericho hates (insert city name here)….

After that we then get treated to a match that both myself and the seven year old kid that was sitting beside me were looking forward to: Kofi Kingston vs. Chris Jericho. Jericho cuts a promo saying that he hates Toronto and he can’t wait to get back to America, typical heel stuff. These two wrestle a pretty good match; there styles mess quite well, with Kingston trying to build the momentum and Jericho using the submissions to slow him down. Jericho pulls a fast one and wins the match.

Aww a tag team title match, that’s cute…

Following the intermission, we’re then treaded to a tag team title match. Champions Epico and Primo take on jobbers Mason Ryan and Alex Reily. The impressive thing about this match was that Reily’s one fan was in the Ricoh during the event, she even had a sign. Epico and Primo won despite getting their asses kicked for 10 minutes.

I could see him, and he wasn’t that bad…

After that excuse for a tag team match we got the first of the two main events. A Last Man Standing Match between John Cena (insert Cena joke here) and Kane (insert Kane joke here). These two got twenty minutes and they do a pretty good job despite being limited by the Ricoh. We get two (count ‘em) table spots in this match; first with Super Cena getting thrown throw a table in the corner and the other when Cena F-Ued (or whatever it’s called) Kane through the table, giving Cena the win.

Two out of Three is awesome…

The Final match of the night was the two out of three falls match for the WWE title between a Vikki-less Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk. These two, as you could imagine, work an awesome match. Punk got the first fall with a small package, Ziggler got the second with some help from Jericho and Punk hit the Go-To-Sleep to get the final fall winning the match. After the match Punk told a story about being thrown out of the country for trying to enter it illegally to get to an indy show, and how he’s been hassled ever since, but he feels like a Canadian now cause he wasn’t hassled after a Canadian Boarder guard wrote a letter to his boss about him. Over all the match was awesome, I could watch these two guys work all day.

In the end…

The event was pretty entertaining. While the houseshows aren’t known for their amazing cards, this tour had a few that were generally interesting. So if the show is coming to a city near you, I’d recommend taking the evening to see it.

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