Ring of Honor: Tenth Anniversary: Young Wolves Rising

"Young Wolves Rising" is one of the worst titles ever...

While I normally write about WWE Raw, I am a fan of Ring of Honor. This Sunday was the tenth anniversary show, here’s just some general thoughts I had about the event.

The Good:

While this wasn’t the best card that ROH has done on pay-per-view (in fact I think it’s my least favourite one) there were some good matches. For Example, Bennett vs. Homicide: I love Homicide. He’s one of the reasons that I started watching ROH. Bennett is one of the rising stares in ROH. Put these two together, you get a decent little match. Also if you put Maria Kanellis in short shorts, you get a great ass.

House of Truth vs. Amazing Red and TJ Perkins. The team of House of Truth is one of the reasons I tune in to ROH. The back breakers of Roderick Strong and the awesome power of Michael Elgin work so well together. Case in point the teams finishing move, an Alabama Slam in to a back breaker, that’s just awesome. HOT pulls out the victory from Red and Perkins.

One thing that we don’t see all that often is a good promo during a pay-per-view, but we get a good one here. To promote their joint show ROH and Kevin Kelly interviewed Chickara Champion Eddie Kingston. While, it looks like they’re just going to talk about how awesome each other promotions are Kevin Steen comes out and makes fun of Kingston and Chickra calling it a “Mickey Mouse” promotion. They fight and set-up what I’m guessing is the main event of the future show. Also someone asks Steen to show off his man-boobs and he retorted with “You don’t have enough in your pocket.” Awesome.

The Bad:

 I love Jim Corrnett. He’s one of the smartest minds in wrestling and he often speaks many of the points that I believe. However, he also spoke about not overusing tropes and ideas because people become desensitized to it. For the past year and a half we’ve heard Steve Carino and Jimmy Jacobs talk about being an evil person and how the are trying to be better. And once Kevin Steen comes back they stop being good and go back to evil, cause…Steen is evil or something. It works once i.e. Final Battle, it doesn’t work twice. This storyline got old fast and needs to be over. Just put the title on him already.

Speaking of stories that need to end, what about the main event? Kyle O’Reily and Davie Richards vs. Adam Cole and Eddie Edwards. This ones been going on for about two years know. How many times are they going to fight, If it wasn’t for their good matches it would be like the four months we kept seeing Scott Steiner vs. Triple H. The match was good but I just didn’t care. Also the match also seemed boring to the fans in the match as a “I have herpes” chant got a bigger pop then any thing in the first ten minutes of the match.  There were some great spots, but this storyline needs to end. The finishes comes, like many finishes in ROH (i.e. it takes way to f#cking long), when Cole cross bodies Richards at around the 40 minute mark. After the match Richards shakes Edwards and Coles hand, but O’Reily doesn’t. The promo is broken up by Kevin Steen (Thank god). He makes fun of the show’s terrible name and continues campaign for a title match and calls him a “ju-jitsu jake-off.”

The Ugly:

 While ROH is known for their amazing wrestling, they’re not known for their technical productions. This pay-per-view had one of the worst production values I’ve ever seen. From replays, playing with sound to cutting to promos while the announcer introduces a match it was ugly.

Speaking of Ugly, the Brisco’s. I’ve never really been a fan of “’dem boys” I understand why they’re popular but they just don’t do it for me. They’re the seven time tag champs because they’ve been around for ten years. Give me Kings of Wrestling or Steen and Generico anytime.

I think it’s time to give new the All Night Express a chance as the championship. They started to build them but ended for some reason. They’ve been there for a while and haven’t had the stapes, but Worlds Greatest Tag Team comes and Corrnette slaps the straps on them like Kobashi style.

So this wasn’t the best show, but it wasn’t their worst. I’m hoping that their Wrestlemania weekend shows, will be much better.

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One thought on “Ring of Honor: Tenth Anniversary: Young Wolves Rising

  1. christiangmill says:

    I like ROH sometimes. I will agree that Mike Bennet is going to be a big star one day. The thing that frustrates me most about the promotion though is the lack of wrestlers who know how to cut a promo. In fact, sometimes they are just plain cheesy, and that is sad lol. But then again, you don’t watch ROH for the promos, you watch it for the insane in ring abilities of the wrestlers.

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