Mass Effect 3 Demo

This is what people thought a Marilyn Manson concert looked like in the 90s...

Our friends at Bioware sent us the best Valentines Day gift ever, the demo of Mass Effect 3. Sadly it was the only Valentines Day gift I got…I’m not lonely.

ME3’s demo gives us two chucks from different points in the game, the ladder in the beginning and the former part of the way through the game.

The game picks up after the events of the Mass Effect 2 DLC the Arrival. Shepard is now on earth after destroying a human colony to stop the Reapers from getting to earth.

Earth’s government discovers that the Reapers are attacking the Milky Way Galaxy and they want Shepard to do something to make them go away. When Shepard tells them that earth is screwed the Reapers start destroying the base.

Earth’s defenses do little to stop the invaders and Shepard and David Anderson (the general guy from the other two games) have to fight there way to the new Normandy and get the hell out of space Dodge.

The segment ends with Shepard getting on the Normandy as Anderson says he’ll stay behind to fight and orders Shapard to take command of the ship and get help from the council (because that worked so well in the last two games).

The second segment takes place later in the game and features several members of original crew: Garrus, Liara, Urdnot and Mordin.

They are trying to save a female Krogan that could somehow save their race (I guess she can breed or something). They get attack by agents of Cereberus for some reason. We kill them; fight a giant robot and the demo ends.

This segment seemed out of place. It was almost as if Bioware wanted to have more action for the demo.

Bioware doesn’t stray to far away from the original controls of Mass Effect 2. But, they seemed to have falled in love with jumping segments. I thought that this was just in the beginning but it happens again in the second half of the demo. It isn’t very difficult, it just seems like they got tired of hearing people complain about not having a jump button in the games before.

Bioware uses the to demo shows off ME3’s three different playing styles;

The first, Action Mode: this mode puts the focus on combat and takes away some of the dialogs options.

The second Story: more story elements with lesser difficulty.

And finally, RPG: this similar to the original games with a focus on combat, dialog and RPG elements.

Over the course of the demo we see just how good the graphics are in the game. Bioware spend a decent amount of time trying to make ME3 look different from the other two. My only complaint is that a lot of the uniforms for the characters seem to be a lot darker. I don’t’ know if that was cause this is the dark finish to the trilogy or just cause it looked cooler.

For myself, the original RPG setting is what I enjoyed playing the most.

With this little taste of the game, we see just how much time and money Bioware has put into this game.

March 6th can’t come fast enough.

Here’s the demo if you haven’t played it.

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