Wrestling Retribution Project

While WWE and TNA are the main wrestling promotions and run on a weekly television schedule, there are people trying something different.

The Wrestling Retribution Project is one of those groups. There focus is not on putting on 52 episodes of a show in a year, but a serial based program.

The first “season” will be only 13 episodes. The creators also say that the show will follow a three-act narrative style like most shows. The show also does something different with its talent.

Despite using a lot of known independent talent, these wrestlers are creating new characters. Some notables are: Chris Hyde (Chris Hero), Concrete (Chris Masters), Faris Gotch (Daivari), Johnny 99 (Drew Hankinson), Lord of War (MVP), Punchline (Colt Cabana), Tommy Lee Ridgeway (Adam Pearce).

Another aspect of the show that stands out is its distribution. The project was created by former VP of Product at 20th Century Fox and New Line Cinema, Jeff Katz, due to this instead of trying to find a TV station to pick up the show, they teamed up with Image Entertainment to stream the show then do a DVD release.

If this show is successful, this could be a good platform for other promotions. I can’t wait to watch.

Here’s a link to the website and the trailer:

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