A Brief word on WWE Elimination Chamber 2012

"Why am I on the poster...I'm not even on the Pay-Per-View..."

While I didn’t end up blogging the past weeks Raw I did see last nights Elimination Chamber. Overall, I thought the event wasn’t that bad. However, it did a terrible job of setting up Wrestlemaina. If this event happened in July, this pay-per-view wouldn’t be that bad.

The Raw Chamber match wasn’t bad but seemed out of place. Why did it open the event? Who thought that was a good idea? Kingston had some good spots but overall it seemed out of place.

The main issue came from Jericho getting eliminated. I guess they’ll say that he wasn’t eliminated and demand a match at Mania. But it felt anti-climatic.

The Woman’s title match was… a woman’s match. I was surprised that Beth got the push. The WWE was pushing Snuka over, and Phoenix just destroyed her (and called her a coconut head).

Next the Smackdown Chamber match. This one was a bit more forgettable to me. While I did like the spot were Big Show broke through the top of Bryan’s pod and started to fight him. The WWE also took the time to build up Santino just to shut him down, not that I mind (Santino’s only claim to fame was being bitchslapped by Cornette) this match didn’t really amount to anything. Bryan wins, and Shamus comes out and kicks the shit out of him proving that Shamus could easily kick the crap out of Bryan. Thanks for coming out.

Seeing how the event was running early, they added a match between Swagger vs Gabriel. The match was over more or less before it started.

Finally we got the end of the Kane/Cena feud (yeah?). Cole during the match kept telling the audience that this is only the second Ambulance match in WWE history, and it’s easy to see why. This match sucked…Cena won after F-Uing Kane off screen. We then see Cena in the ring with the Wrestlemania logo behind him.

This ppv was OK but need to be better. The WWE has a long six weeks to make Mania interesting.

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