Leonard Cohen-Old Ideas Review

"You're in my light..."

Look at your music collection. What’s it filled with? Modern rock songs that you hear on the radio every two hours. You need to listen to something different. But, is Old Ideas what you need?

While the majority of the top album charts are filled with dime a dozen pop stars, there are a few exceptions. Leonard Cohen is one of them. Old Ideas is the twelfth album by the 77-year-old singer. If you’re not familiar with Cohen’s work then this album might catch you off guard. Much like Lou Reed, Cohen’s work is more based around his writing ability than his vocal skills. However, if you can get past the talk singing, Old Ideas is a good. With songs like Darkness, and Going Home demonstrating just how strong of a songwriter he still is. Other songs like Banjo show off his chops as a composer. While this isn’t my favourite Cohen album (it’s New Skin for the Old Ceremony btw thanks for asking) it’s still a great album and is a good way to introduce his music to a new generation of people.

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