Batman Beyond: Hush Beyond Review

Cue the bitchin' soundtrack...

If you lived in the 90s and loved Batman, chances are you watched the Batman Animated Series and its spin off Batman Beyond.

We were use to the Gothic atmosphere and Danny Elfman score from the original show, but Beyond had Blade Runner visuals and a kick ass electronic score with some rockin’ club scenes throughout (I wish the club I go to was like that, but it’s just full of dude’s in fish net shirts wanting to buy me drinks…wait did I type that?). 

The show was set years after Bruce Wayne retired from Batman. A street punk named Terry McGuiness through series of events finds himself working for Wayne like many other young people before him but this time, it’s not a new Robin but a new Batman. With a new Gotham comes a new group of villains that Batman must stop.

When DC comics years later, announced that they were releasing a new mini-series and eventually a new monthly book taking place after the show, I was excited. While it did take me a while to get to it, it’s time to look at Hush Beyond.

The basic plot of the book revolves around a former villain from the past, Hush, reappearing. This confuses Wayne because he saw Elliot die years ago. Terry has to defeat Hush and unravel the mystery of his reappearance.

Does this sound familiar? Cause it’s the basic plot of the Batman Beyond movie: The Return of Joker. While the plot does differ in a number of ways, it’s just funny to see a very similar plot.

The first thing that you’ll notice when reading the book is just who BAD the art can be. Artist Ryan Benjamin at times draws the strangest faces for characters. The art can be decent at times, but really sticks out most of the time.

So, Airline food...What's up with that?...

There are frames of the book that look like Benjamin was rushed to get the book out on time. While this can happen often in comics, it doesn’t do a lot of favours for the readers.

Not even the Iron lady herself, Amanda Waller (take that Thatcher) is safe. She looks like Yoda and Oprah Winfrey’s love child at times.

A Batman in Gotham, there must be...

Despite the issues with the art, the story written by Adam Beechen is good, even if it is similar the movie. With they’re being enough action and good dialogue to make me forgive the art a little.

If you enjoyed the old show like I did, then this book is a good read. Just be prepared for some scary faces when you flip the page.

Buy the book here

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  1. Awesome one, thanks for the tip

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