Sherlock Review

At least it doesn't take place in the 22nd Century...

With the Guy Richie films making millions of dollars at the box office, it’s easy to see why a new show based upon Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes was made. However, the direction of the show is what’s most interesting.

Sherlock is the modern day adaptation of the character. The series developed by current Doctor Who show-runner Steven Moffat and writer/actor (also plays Mycroft in the show) Mark Gatiss for the BBC. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch (the greatest name ever) as the socially inept detective and Martin Freeman as his friend and chronicler, Doctor John Watson.

The show examines what would happen if a character like Holmes existed in the 21st century. With cell phones, the Internet and Twitter; Sherlock elevates the character to a new level.

The shows unique style is best demonstrated during Sherlock’s investigation scenes. With words appearing on screen as a character thinks of types out a message. The visual element really helps the show create it’s own identity.

The first season of the show revolves around the foundations of the relationship between Holmes and Watson. Both Cumberbatch and Freeman do a good job of showing the friendship between the two as they quickly accept each other into their lives. They’re quickly put to the test as the world’s only Consulting Criminal Jim Moriarty (Andrew Scott) starts his mental joust with Sherlock.

The first season overall is good, with the first and the last episode being much better that the middle episode. The finale of the season leaves the characters in a do and die situation between the two rivals.

The second season on the other hand is much more sound. During the break between seasons Moffat and Gatiss worked on some of their best stories in their careers with Irene Adler, The Hounds of Baskerville and Holmes and Moriarty’s final problem happening in the season. The season ends with an amazing game of wits that ends poorly for all people involved.

Sherlock as a whole is far superior adaptation than the Guy Ritchie films. It is more like Sherlock than the films despite the films setting. The casting, story and direction are much better than last two films.

In fact with the series being hour and a half episodes, it’s almost as if you’re watching six different films as apposed to two seasons of a television show.

With the third season already ordered it’s just a matter of time before Sherlock is back in my life again.

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