Black Keys-El Camino Review

Sweet ride bro

The Black Keys and Nonsuch Records ended 2011 with the release of El Camino, but is it worth your money?

Continuing their rise from the Garage to stadium, Ohio based two-piece, Black Keys release their seventh album El Camino. During the tour of the bands last album Brothers, the Black Keys wanted to make more of an upbeat album, and the direction shows. While the last album had slower groovier, El Camino plays more like a mix tape of 70s Garage Rock, R&B and modern radio rock thanks to the direction of returning producer Danger Mouse. The album’s lead song and single Lonely Boy puts the listener in the mood for the rest of album, with its riff driven songs filling out the album. Other tracks like Dead and Gone show off the bands and producers love of old R&B, the impressive thing isn’t that the band can write songs like these but that they fit so well with the rest of different tracks on the album. The only down side to El Camino is that it’s short, clocking in under forty minutes. El Camino is one of the best rock albums of 2011 by far.

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