The Dark Knight Rises Prologue

I don't own the rights to this image, I regret nothing!

The fire starts to rise.

Warner Brothers and Christopher Nolen continue to build anticipation for their upcoming film with special screenings of the Dark Knight Rises prologue.

The seven-minute clip that will be attached to Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was shown this past Tuesday in 33 cities across North America and Europe. The main focus of the clip was to show off the villain of the film, Bane.

There was a lot of press around Bane and his voice. Many people couldn’t understand what he was saying, but in my opinion it wasn’t as bad as once thought. While his mask muffled his voice, his dialogue was understandable in the beginning. However when the music and intensity started to build it became difficult to understand him.

This could be fixed in a number of ways. One being a quick fix to this might be changing the E/Q on the voice, making it more predominate or just tweaking Nolen’s trademark sound queue in the film.

While it his dialogue was difficult to understand, Tom Hardy’s performance, as Bane was quite good. While they abandoned the characters Mexican background for a more European one (I couldn’t place the accent, maybe English with a little bit of something else) the change made sense considering the actor and the trilogy as a whole.

The clip itself is quite different from the Bank Heist from the last film. While I won’t spoil it, the clip ended with maybe one of the coolest stunts that I’ve seen in a while (I’ve never seen a plane do anything like that in my life, it was awesome).

The clip also gives some clues as to what Bane could be up too in the film.

While it didn’t take much to make people excited about the end of the Nolen Trilogy, the seven-minute prologue gave us just a taste of what we’ll be seeing in six months and I have to say, I’m impressed.

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