Organizing your collection

So you’ve been collect comics for a while but your faced with a problem. Where are you going to store all your comics?

Well in short what you need is a comic box.

What is a comic box? Well it’s just that, a box that is meant to store your comic collection.

Most comic stores will have them for sale, although you may have to ask one of the workers if they’re not out in the open.

Comic boxes come in a few different shapes and sizes, but most of them look like this:

A white box the width and depth of a single standard comic book. The length can vary.

With these boxes it will make your collection easier to move and archive.

Another thing that you can factor with your box is who you categories your comics. Some do put Marvel and DC in different boxes (because you wouldn’t want the two companies to intermingle) or some by importance or what have you.

If your just starting out collecting comics, the best thing to do is just keep the series together. If you feel like putting certain title close together (like I do for all my Green Lantern books) that is up to you.

As an added tip, make sure your comics are bagged and boarded.

A comic on it’s own is easily damaged. The bags and boards help keep your comics in a good condition.

With these tips your comic collection will be well preserved and organized. While this won’t impress the average person, it will show your fellow comic geek that you care about your comics.

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