Batman: Arkham City Review

Jumping off rooftops, solving riddles and stopping the inmates from running the asylum. It’s just another day for the world’s greatest detective.

Batman: Arkham City, which was released on Tuesday, October 18, starts months after the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum. After the events of the first game the new mayor of Gotham City turned part of Gotham into Arkham City. Bruce Wayne gets trapped inside the Asylum and has to stop the plans of the Joker all while figuring out the mystery of Arkham’s new warden Hugo Strange’s Protocol 10.

The game’s story was written by comic book writer Paul Dini and features the return of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill in the roles of Batman and Joker respectively. The combination of the three makes the game feel like the Batman animated television show from the nineties that they all worked on.

Arkham City features the same free-flowing combat as Arkham Asylum but expands it with Batman’s gadgets, such as a grenade that temporally freezes enemies. The game truly makes the player feel like a superhero.

Despite this, the game seems to throw a lot of different types of enemies at the player. With 10 different enemy types, all having their own way of fighting them, it’s easy for a player to feel overwhelmed by large groups of enemies at points in the game.

The investigative elements were improved. Players will have to use the new scanning tools to help find and solve the many side missions that fill the game.

Overall the game feels bigger than Arkham Asylum, and if anything the game is a bit too big.

With its focus on the main storyline, players might overlook the interesting side missions.

While the game starts strong, the reveal of Protocol 10 is underwhelming and due to this the ending falls flat, which was a disappointment due to Dini’s understanding of the characters.

While Arkham City isn’t a perfect game, it’s still fun. The game-play will entertain the casual fan and the cast of actors and characters will keepx Batman fans entertained until their next trip to the comic shop.

Originally published in the Durham College Chronicle:

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One thought on “Batman: Arkham City Review

  1. I think your review sums up the game very accurately. The game had a very thick plot backed up by unique gameplay. As a fan of the Batman franchise I found interest in this rendition. I find it interesting how much the franchise has grown, for both a mature audience and a younger audience. I tend to enjoy the brighter and colourful side of Batman, and while Arkham City tends to be a bit darker, the textures and colour schemes were well varied. I do think the game became a little overrated after its excessive hype. As a fan of the cheesy 1960s Batman, I did enjoy this game. And I do believe the game carried an artistic quality. I am slightly confused about what Robin was doing however, but who cares about him anyway.

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