Chew Review

­­­­­­­­ In an industry filled with men and women who can leap over building and throw cars at criminals, it’s nice to know that comics like Chew exist.

Chew follows the exploits of Tony Chu, a former cop now member of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. While Chu doesn’t throw cars at robbers, he has a power of his own.

Chu is a Cibopath (see-bo-path). What’s that? A person who can get a vision from anything that he eats. For example is he eats a apple, sees the apple being picked off a tree, if he eats a steak he sees the cow being killed in a slaughter house.  The only things that Chu doesn’t get a vision from are beets.

The world of Chew is just as interesting as the characters power. Years after the Bird flu killed millions of Americans the FDA has made sell, preparing and eating of chickens is now illegal. Chu’s job is to enforce these new laws with his half cyborg partner John Colby.

During there investigations they run into other people with similar powers; such as a person who can communicate with the food they prepare, another can describe the food that they’ve eaten so well that the reader can taste it. They also run into government conspiracy that threatens the lives of millions.

The books creators, writer John Layman and artist Rob Gulliory combine to create a one of a kind experience ranging from disgusting to out right hilarious.

For people looking for something different and cheap (the volumes are listed for $12.99, trust me it’s a steal) this is a solid purchase.

Creative Team: Writer-John Layman, Art-Rob Gulliory, Colours-Rob Guilliory and Lisa Gonzales (from issue 5 and on) for additional information.

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