The Least I Could Do: Review

While mainstream comics like Batman and Spider-man make up the general idea of what comic are, comic stripes have always been popular.

From Dilbert’s cubical existence to the melancholy live of Charlie Brown and the Peanuts crew, comic stripes have entertained reader’s one daily paper at a time for years.

In the Digital age these comic stripes have a home outside of the paper. The stripe that we’re talking about today is one of those.

“The Least I Could Do” is a daily comic stripe created by Canadian Ryan Sohmar and Lar Desousa. The comic follows the exploits of Rayne and his friends as they live their lives.

From relationships with members of the opposite sex to the daydreams that fill the characters heads, LICD hovers somewhere between the real and the surreal.

Something that separates LICD from Dilbert or Peanuts is the fact that these characters age.

Rayne starts out, as a childish 24 years old who’s only goal was to have sex. The character ages and while he doesn’t become a hermit, he changes as he watches his friends get married and have kids.

While this doesn’t’ sound like a big deal it makes LICD stand out from something like Peanuts (Charlie Brown should be like seventy by now.).

While the Stripe isn’t for everyone (Monday through Saturday is meant for mature readers but the Sunday is for all ages) I’d encourage people to take a few minutes to check it out.

The creators are even trying to get a animated pilot done to get funding for a full series. There still fund raising for the project and the page can be found here.

Creative Team: Story-Ryan Sohmar Art-Lar Desousa The series has had guest writers and artists throughout the years.

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