Where to Begin?

So, you just watched a movie based upon a comic book and you want more. You want to go out and start reading comics but you have no idea where to start. Well, hopefully this post will help you. I’ll go over some tips on where to start, were to find them and how much you should be paying for them.

The best place to start character wise, is through the big named characters. For example, Spider-man, X-men, Batman, Superman and so on, these characters have the better part of sixty years of releases to read, so you’ll never run out of material to read.

Despite the character’s rich history I wouldn’t try and start at the beginning like you would for a television or book series. You live in an age were information is a Google search away. If you read something don’t understand or you feel that you’re missing something just look it up.

As to the where to find the comics, there are multiply places to find them. But first be aware that there are also different types of comics.

The first is in there traditional form. 32 or 48 page (with adds), floppy cover comics. In these form a new comic will cost somewhere from $2.99 to up to $5.99 with varying different packages and sizes.

The next way is in a collected form. Most if not all company’s put their on-going comic titles into either soft or hardcover collect. These generally have one or more full storylines and maybe some bonus content such as character sketches in them. These collects can cost $10 to around $30 depending on the company and weather it’s a soft of hard cover. In some cases a large collect with up to a thousand pages can cost upwards of $100 dollars.

And the final way is also the newest. Both DC and Marvel comics (the two largest comic publishers) are offering downloadable copies of their comics that are release either on or close to the publishing date. These are generally the same thing and the floppy cover comics but in a digital form. The comics are accessed through an account and can be read on computers, phones and other devices. The price is normally cheaper than the physical form.

To get the first two forms of comics there a number places that you can find them. The first being a comic book store, but if the idea of going into the store were all the nerds dwell is freighting to you then you can look in large bookstores like Indigo/Chapters. However if you do go into the large bookstores keep a few things in mind.

First look at the condition of the comic. In a number of these stores the comics may not be treated as well as the other books. Also look at the price of the books; in some cases the store puts a higher price on their hard cover collections. Make sure you not paying more than the product is worth.

Another good way to getting comics is online. There are a number of sites like Amazon that you get comics shipped to you in the comfort of you own home. Some of these sites can give you a good deal depending on hear it’s shipping from, how new the book is or it’s condition so keep those factors in mind before you give them your money.

All of options are legitimate ways of getting comics, the one that I would personally recommend is going to the comic store. At a later date we’ll get into proper etiquette when it comes to the comic book store but until then do what your comfortable with.

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