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Hello, I’m Derek and welcome to my personal blog called Comics For Everyone. The purpose of this blog is to help the people who have an interest in comic books but have no idea where to start.  Maybe you watched a film based on the X-Men, Batman or Tank Girl (just kidding, nobody watched that movie) and want to dig deeper into the characters, but you’re afraid of what that might in tale, well I’m here to help.

In this blog, we’ll go over such as things basic comic book history, modern comic culture, and I’ll hopefully help you understand and befriend the scary people that inhabit the dark and mysterious comic book store. So come along with me and lets talk comics.

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One thought on “Hello people

  1. I came to comment on Tank Girl, so glad you mentioned her.
    I admit I not only watched the movie but own it. I don’t even think I like it, but it’s Tank Girl so I feel obligated. Derek, you should write more about Tank Girl.

    Allow my little typing fingers will tell you why: because the ‘90s were awesome, I have a Tank Girl Tattoo, she gets women to crack a comic spine and Jamie Hewlett, one of the founding Tank Girl artists, is wicked in my opinion. Hewlett also gets credit for hanging out with Damon Albarn of Blur thus creating Gorillaz.

    In an interview for the film Miss Representation one women described strong women in media being the, “fighting f*ck toy.”

    Too many female protagonists marketed to show women are portrayed as empowered just as much as men are, are too busy wearing stripper-esque costumes to get anything done; be it catch the bad guy or give little girls heroes they can identify with.

    Tank Girl wears ridiculous punk style clothing and runs her foul mouth all over the place whilst dating a kangaroo. Kangaroo dating may not be attainable, or legal, but at least the character is fun.

    When a friend of mine suggested I read NYX comics, I did so because Tank Girl opened the door of what my brother had led me to believe was for boys only (he was so mean to me!)

    If it weren’t for the lady tattooed on my left inner forearm I would never have learned about these young mutant X-Men spin off girls. Nor would I have had comment-writing material.

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